PillowTalker® "Nope!" Sensory Overload Recovery Cushion


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  • 14" × 14"
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NOPE! not now, not ready, gimme space and I'll re-steady... For the surly teen, the anxious adult or even the cranky dad! Our PillowTalker® isn't just for Autistic teens needing space to re-centre and re-calibrate after stimuli (sensory) overwhelm. 

Flip it over before you (or they) Flip Out! 

Everyone needs some space occasionally, it's totally normal! 
Whether you need to recover from a stimuli overload trip to the shopping centre, a draining social outing, or simply just need to take a breather from adulting, display the "NOPE" side of your PillowTalker® and clearly communicate your need for space. 



.: 100% Polyester cover
.: 100% Polyester pillow included
.: Double-sided print
.: Concealed zipper

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PillowTalker® "Nope!" Sensory Overload Recovery Cushion