Autism Awareness Day is on Saturday 2nd of April this year (2022)

We'd love it to be Autism Acceptance Month and Day next year, whilst rejecting #lightupblue in favour of Red and banishing the puzzle piece and replacing it with the infinity symbol. 

Why do autistic people dress in red rather than blue?

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network and the Autism Women's Network are two of the greatest, so instead of donating to Autism Speaks this April, please consider supporting them.
Use red instead of blue, and the rainbow-colored infinity sign for neurodiversity (Gold for Autism; Au is the symbol for gold) instead of the puzzle piece, which indicates autistic people don't fit, or a problem to be solved.

The importance of diversity & inclusion

What is the difference between inclusion and diversity?

The "what" is diversity; the "how" is inclusion. Gender, disability diagnosis,  race/ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, pronoun self-identification, and veteran status are just a few of the demographics that make up your workforce, and
inclusion is a measure of culture that allows diversity to thrive.


Inclusion is a measure of culture that allows diversity to thrive.

The autism community and their family and friends are working tirelessly to raise acceptance over awareness going forth. Join The Inclusion Revolution and support your colleagues, peers, family and friends, be part of the movement and end bias, exclusion or prejudice because of an autistic diagnosis.

Bliss Logic, based in Australia, designs fashionable streetwear & autism merchandise because advocating for autism acceptance is not just a one-day event. We want to see our awareness apparel worn all year long!


Bliss Logic, based in Australia, designs fashionable advocacy streetwear & autism merchandise because advocating for neurodiversity acceptance is not just a one-day event.

It's not an opportunity for us to make a profit.

We know first-hand that the ND community are differently-abled, not just disabled; different, not less... No cure is needed, there is no suffering (as in 'suffering from autism') but sometimes autistic people need a few adjustments and supports, in order to thrive and be included.

Bliss Logic "get's it"... this website was launched during a traumatic period of my autistic son's life, that had a major, ongoing and detrimental effect on his mental health, and consequently, as a late diagnosed ADHD woman, mine also.
Simple (non)actions regarding basic inclusion, rights & reasonable adjustments were denied through lack of acceptance, awareness, education & training in an environment that it should never have occured... We are still fighting for these basic rights, sadly through the legal system.

My children and I are part of the ND community.
Autism Awareness Day is simply a time and a place for us all to hold up our banners together and say 'I see you' with one voice, yet continue to advocate daily in wearable autism and neurodivergent advocacy apparel, stylishly designed for continuous wear. 

Will you join us this April and beyond?
Check out the Advocation Nation by Bliss Logic range of Australian Autism Merchandise, T shirts, hoodies, running tights and hats.