Autistic Children Play Differently

When it’s cold and wintery like it has been lately, I miss the comfort of an open fire. With his stick collecting tendencies, we would never run out of fuel!
Big or small, they all get scooped up and thought home to be lined up in various ways across our drive way.
Every now and then the “wind” blows them all away and he just starts again.
He leaves his calling card of lined up sticks all over our neighbourhood. I’ve had friends tell me they’ve seen his displays!
We go out on stick collecting adventures. It gets us outside, in the fresh air and usually sunshine and it’s obviously a calming past time for him.
You don’t have to go far to find your next adventure. Sometimes the ones just outside your front door are just what you need.
The weather here in WA has been awful. So much rain. Husband says he can’t remember a wetter winter. Pretty sure July has broken records for most rain fall.
This makes getting dogs, frogs and bears out for fresh air a bit harder.
The Bear may be made of tough stuff, but the wee little froggy is delicate and doesn’t like being in the cold and the rain.
And then it doesn’t help that I’ve been sick all week with shingles. When the walk from the bed to the bathroom exhausts you, taking an energetic kelpie out for a walk is out of the question.
But now that my blisters are all crusty, I can join the outside world again! We spotted some sunshine so out we went.
Baldivis has a lovely gated dog park where Luna can happily frolic with her furry friends and right next door is a little stream down to a few ponds to a little park which is just right for bears to frolic as well.
Sunshine and fresh air is vital for physical and mental health, especially in our family, so we grab the opportunities when we can.
Until the next adventure of my little boy, Bear. 
Katie x 
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